"Words have been spoken here, books have been written here, things have happened here that have changed our lives." (from the Concord Museum website)

CONCORD, MA - On Saturday, February 8, several hundred people of all ages gathered and marched to the center of town to express their support for a peaceful solution to the looming crisis with Iraq.

Wintry weather and icy paths didn't stop them, any more than they stopped their historical ancestors from exercising their rights and duties in this same place a few hundred years ago.

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Concord Center

Marchers Gather in the Center of Concord, MA

Etymology: Middle English, from Old French concorde, from Latin
concordia, from concord-, concors of the same mind, agreeing, from com- + cord-, cor heart -- more at HEART
1 a : a state of agreement : harmony especially between persons b : an agreeable harmonious combination of tones simultaneously heard; specifically : a chord satisfying in harmonic effect and not requiring resolution -- contrasted with discord
2 : agreement by stipulation, compact, or covenant : TREATY; especially : one establishing or reestablishing peaceful and amicable relationships between peoples or nations

-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

Peace is Patriotic

"Peace is Patriotic"

Veterans for Peace

"Veterans for Peace"

Ain't Gonna Study War....

"Ain't Gonna Study War No More..."


Concord Students March for Peace

Concord Students March


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Photographs & text (this page only) by Sarah Shonbrun (2/8/03)