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The Brotherhood of the Mummy’s Hand

Some people suspect that forces just below the surface shape the events of this World. Shadowy cabals, with sinister plans, mold society to their dark purpose. The people that study these things are considered cranks, charlatans, and conspiracy theorists. But, is there not a grain of truth to some of the myths, and legends that inspire these fears?
In 1899 a young Bostonian by the name of Assyrian Prescott Knowles was recruited into a fraternal order so secretive that their rituals and initiations and even their true purpose is a mystery today. This secret society was, and is known as, the Brotherhood of the Mummy’s Hand.
He was initiated as a 4th order “portophorus” in the Temple of Osiris situated at 8th St. and 5th Ave. New York. As he rose in the orders he must have become dispirited in the organization. For whatever reason, perhaps inspired by the great muckrakers of his day, he decided expose the Brotherhood. This was a brave act.
A.P. Knowles, scion of a Boston shipping empire, was brought into the inner circles of the many chapters and subgroups of the B.M.H. across America. In fact, what little we know of this society was exposed by Mr. Knowles. Writing under the pseudonym of M.T. Vessel he published The Secret Empire in 1928. In this tome he endeavors to shine a Promethean light into the dark chambers of the Order. One year later he disappeared.
Though he scrupulously hid his true identity from all, including his publisher: Kneiper, Milhous, Heidt and Sons, he was eventually exposed as the author of The Secret Empire. Many people believe Walter M, Kneiper was a 51st order member of the B.M.H. In fact he was known to wear the coveted “Jasper Scarab” of a scribe on his left hand. Could Kneiper have given Knowles the “Judas kiss”?
Rumors surrounding his death are rampant. In one: he is set upon by a “Heve”, or serpent, a member of the “killing order”, dispatched to silence him.
There are accounts that he was found with his tongue and eyes removed. That he was flayed alive and his still warm flesh draped over his form, backwards. Though no actual police report to confirm this ghastly fate has ever been uncovered. In fact, the city where his murder occurred changes with each telling. Sometimes it’s New York. Other times it’s Kansas City, Missouri. One thing is certain. There are no records of him after October 1929.
Of course perfectly reasonable explanations exist for his loss. Knowles’ family was financially ruined by the Crash of 1929. Perhaps he committed suicide. Or, even more likely, simply lived out his life in pecuniary obscurity.
Some people even believe that The Secret Empire was a red herring, published to draw the “hounds” as it were from the scent. Possibly this was a ruse to cover the true nature of the “amoun”, or secret, of the Order. We may never, truly know.
Whatever the case, we are left still trying to parse the truth, from the possibly mendacious, in The Secret Society. A riddle of the Sphinx, if ever there was one
Excerpt from: Herbert Salisbury’s, The Caliphs of Ra: Mysterious Ways of the Mummy's Hand. Chicago: Marley Independent Press, 1962

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