Commander 00178 Field Marshall D. Levi
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turnip rebellion

The Mephistopheles Turnip

The Turnip saga could be said to have started in 2053 when a middling farmer growing genetically modified root vegetables produced the sum of all of our tinkering in the pith of creation. The penultimate bastard child of the MegaGenaCorp advanced plant breeding programs, Root of all evil, the Mephistopheles Turnip!
Falling under the under the spell of his root, as weak men are wont, he helped the cruel turnip bring others under his influence. Soon a great army of servants and minions were at the command of the Mephistopheles Turnip.
But others were beginning to question the Turnip's authority. They sought to break his command of the weak minds of men. Soon these forces came together to challenge the malevolent “mind root”. They formed the resistance. The Turnip Rebellion had begun.

Lawrence 7, Kryll, Plowing Under the Tyrant: The Undoing of the Turnip (Novo Yaukus: Ploughshare Press, 2408)

Lady Encephelon General M. Morisson
General Schnear Turnip Portrait
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Brig. General Mowat Free Mind Forces Soldier
Mephistophelian Confederacy (c.2100)
F.M.R. Flag M.T.C Flag General Festus Fogg Colonel M. Fosdick
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